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Histogenetics India Pvt. Ltd.

Histogenetics is one of the world's largest HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) typing companies that is using the most advanced technology called Sequence-Based Typing (SBT) for clients across the globe. Its clients include transplant centers, donor registries, donor centers, and cord blood banks.

It has been in the field of high volume molecular HLA typing (up to 7000 samples/week) for five years. It operates the laboratory that can perform 4000-6000 HLA-SBT per week with modern facility that comprises state-of the-art robotics with a backbone of proprietary and very sophisticated bioinformatics (BIO-IT).

Histogenetics is a major partner with the world's largest donor registries (i.e. NMDP in the US) and donor centers (i.e. DKMS in Germany) working with them to advance the outcome in the field of marrow/blood cell transplant.

Histogenetics is in the process of establishing an international immunogenetic data management and bioinformatics center at the TICEL Park in Chennai, India in order to support and expand its global operations.

Also plans to launch a state-of-the-art HLA facility in India to serve all the institutions in India and other neighboring countries which may benefit from such services. Histogenetics' advanced technologies will be applied to elucidate the significance of variations in many vital genes other than HLA system.

Contact Information:

Dr. Nezih Cereb, MD.
Histogenetics India Pvt. Ltd.
Module No.309 - 316

TICEL Bio Park Limited,
III Floor,
Taramani, Chennai – 600 113
Tel: +91-44-22541282;

Email: nezih@histogenetics.com
Website: www.histogenetics.com



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